Welcome to Chicago Fire and Cop Shop

ChicagoFireAndCopShop.com is the internet branch of G & L Trophies and Gifts, a store on the southwest side of Chicago, owned and operated by Gene Furmanek, a retired Alsip fire fighter, Lois Furmanek, a retired school secretary, and son Tim, a police officer. The Furmanek family has been active in service to their community since 1970, when Gene first joined the fire department as a volunteer. Opening a store that served first responders seemed like a natural thing to do. Meeting the fire fighters and police officers who come in from around the country, and even from other countries, has been a thrill. The brotherhood of service is the same everywhere.

G & L carries a big line of gifts for fire and police including T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats from Chicago firehouses. Jewelry, custom made for your department, plaques and awards are custom made to your specifications. We have many different options for promotions, graduations, and retirements. We have a vast collection of Road Champs and Code-3 – some impossible to find elsewhere.